Caveman Q Takeout



A la Carte

1. BBQ Sandwich (chopped or sliced)      $3.75
    w/ BBQ Slaw, sauce & pickle

2. Chicken Fried Pork Chop Sandwich     $3.75
    "Just Say All the Way", Mustard, Onion,
    Chili & Slaw

3. 1/3lb. Cheeseburger                          $3.50
    Prepared your way

4. 1/3lb. Hamburger                              $3.25
    Prepared your way

5. Jumbo Hotdogs                $2.00 or  2/$3.50
    Prepared your way                         

6. BBQ Tray (Sliced or Chopped)             $6.00
    w/ BBQ Slaw, Pickle, Hushpuppies
    & Sauce

7. BBQ Plate (Sliced or Chopped)             $8.95
    w/ BBQ Slaw, Beans, Bun, Pickle,
    Sauce & Cobbler


BBQ Slaw                                                $2.00
BBQ Beans                                              $2.00
Coleslaw                                                 $2.00
Fries                                                       $2.00
Hushpuppies                                          $2.00
Cornbread                                              $2.00
Peach Cobbler                                        $2.00
Mac-n-Cheese                                       $2.00
Chili Cheese Fries                                   $3.50


Pepsi                                              $1.00 Each
Diet Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Diet Mt. Dew
Sierra Mist
Diet Sierra Mist
Bottled Water

Bulk Orders & Family Specials

1. Bulk BBQ & Fixin's       Ask for Current Price
    (Whole Shoulders or Chopped)
    **May require 48 Hrs. Notice
    Whole Shoulders or Butts by the Lb. Or Pan

24 oz. Chopped BBQ w/ Sauce
4 Buns
4 Drinks                                         $25.00
Choose 3 of the following:
12 oz. BBQ Slaw
12 oz. Baked Beans
12 oz. Mac-n-Cheese               
12 oz. Cobbler

** BBQ can be served sliced or chopped
    BBQ will be served w/ BBQ slaw unless 
    otherwise requested
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